The officers and trustees of the foundation are the immediate members of the family. This was done to help develop the characteristics of helping others who are in need as we have been helped. We hope this spirit will continue to be passed from one generation to the other.

Muna and Basem immigrated to the the United States in 1957 and lived in the Cleveland area. The immigration was a result of the generosity of people who helped them along with their parents and siblings to come to United States in pursuit of a better life. While raising our family, we tried to do as much as possible to pay back society as we believed we cannot always be on the receiving end, but that as life was kind to us, we needed to help others in need. Being of Palestinian origin, our heritage kept the attachment to help both Palestinians and as naturalized citizens, we wanted to help the needy in our adopted homeland.

Basem Hishmeh

Trustee and President Basem obtained his BSME from Case Institute of Technology in 1962 and obtained an MBA from Case Western Reserve University in 1969. He has served on boards of several charitable and not for profit organizations. He has worked in managerial and executive positions in the Cleveland area and in Saudi Arabia. Owned and operated his own companies in New Jersey, S. Korea and China.


Muna Hishmeh

Trustee and Vice President/Secretary Muna graduated from Lakewood HS in 1964 and was employed in several office support positions, leading up to office manager while in Saudi Arabia. She has served many institutions as a volunteer in the school system, museums, and charitable organizations. She appreciates all forms of art and believes in providing needy children with an opportunity to develop their artistic skills.


Amal (Amy) Ibrahimaj (Hishmeh)

Trustee and VP Administration Amal obtained her BA from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY in 1990. She is the proud parent of three children. Amal is an avid volunteer in her children's school system. She is a board member of The William Paterson University Foundation Board.


Robert (Rob) Hishmeh

Trustee and Treasurer Robert obtained his BSME in 1992 from the University of Vermont and received his MBA in 1997 from the University of Colorado. He has held several professional engineering positions leading up to his current position as VP of Sales at Sigma-Netics, Inc. where he is a shareholder. Rob, a volunteer coach, is the proud father of three boys who are active in sports.


The board of trustees has approved the services of the following professionals in their areas of expertise:

  • Mr. Bruce Ackerman, attorney at law, as the legal advisor to the foundation. Mr. Ackerman is a partner with Pashman Stein.
  • Mr. Jeff Bolson, CPA, as the financial consultant to the foundation. He is a principal with Bolson & Sienicki, LLC.
  • Ms. Sharon Lazier, Financial Advisor with UBS Financial Services Inc., as investment advisor to the foundation.
  • Foundation Source of Fairfield, Ct. was hired as the administrator of the foundation responsible for all compliance, tax filing, financial reporting, and grant administration.