Yabous Cultural Center

Yabous Cultural Center is a non-governmental Palestinian organization based in Jerusalem. Yabous was established in 1995 when a number of artists and culture enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from Jerusalem decided to create a body to adopt the development and patronage of performing arts in Jerusalem. Suhail Khoury initiated the idea and invited Raed Saadeh, Dalia Habash, Jack Persikian, Yacoub Abu Arafeh, Maha Qubty and Mazen Bazbaz to join. They collectively formed the founding board of Yabous, thus Yabous was born two years later, in April 1997. Yabous was officially registered as a non-profit organization based in the city of Jerusalem.

Since its inception, Yabous has been witnessing continuous successes, in most of its projects and programs. It has also contributed to reviving the cultural life in Jerusalem and in giving the city the ambience that reflects its Arab historical, religious, political and cultural importance. Today Yabous established the largest cultural center in Jerusalem. The Center offers people a place to celebrate and share different cultural traditions, to interact with artists and participate in a range of activities that will stimulate and expand the creativity, diversity and artistry of Jerusalem and Palestinian cultural expressions.

Mission: Develop and promote arts that enhance and assert cultural, national and human values.

Yabous is the first name given to the city of Jerusalem by the Jebusites. The Jebusites is a Canaanite tribe who built the first city Yabous on the location of present-day Jerusalem. Today and after more than 5000 years, the descendants of the Jebusites still live in Jerusalem and continue to revive their city culturally and artistically by organizing activities in the field of performing arts.